You probably use more emotions at your day to day work as you can imagine. Maybe you might have the opinion, that emotions shouldn't have any space in your daily work? You might be astonished.

Your emotional status quo of 7 emotions

The following survey will give a detailed overview, which basic emotions you use today in your daily work strongly and which of these you don't use a lot or at all. It provides a picture, what you think will be emotionally expected from you and what you are willing to deliver. It is a picture of your emotional development path.

Please take your time aside your day to day work to work on this survey. Afterwards you will receive per Mail the result or get it handed over in your Emotional Leadership training. Please be a little patient, the report will not be generated automatically. You will receive your results in a couple of days, commented and structured by 7 basis emotions in PDF format.

Have fun on your Emotional Leadership development journey


What kind of emotional Typ am I?

You could answer this question in multiple ways. We are interested in your emotions you use or don't use in your daily work.

Which role do emotions play in your daily worklife?

Do you work for an industry, where now and then it turns stormy? Does your working environment demands your strong personal commitment? Dou you have colleagues or superiors who tend to turn emotional now and then?

Please describe daily working situations from an emotional perspective.


How often do you attend meetings?

In many companies there exists an extensive meeting culture. For some people almost the whole day is determined by meetings. On the other hand there are colleagues, who try to avoid as many meetings as possible. How do you work?

Do you conduct employee appraisals regularly?

Employee appraisals are an important part of leadership culture. Do you conduct employee appraisals on a regulary basis? Do you conduct these on your own?

Just describe shortly your experiences conducting employee appraisals

(Just leave this field blank, if you have never been part of employee appraisals)

Do you like conducting employee appraisals or is it something you are more or less forced to do? What sense do you see behind this tool? Do you think it has an impact on team collaboration?

Using emotions at your working place

Which areas are you active in? Just tick the options.

Phrases fitting my personality

Think about the last month at your working place. You work in a surrounding with colleagues, employees and your superior, embedded in your company and the corresponding culture. You are in contact and now and then face conflicts with other people. And it may happen, that you state words beyond factual information you might regret aftwards.

for the highly motivated participant: please tick only the phrases which really fit

for the accurate participant: even if a phrase does not fit 100%, tick it - it will be the right choice.

Anything to add?


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